Gail Hudson

About Gail

I’m an internationally certified life coach and bestselling author...

...whose career has been built on my desire to engage in meaningful conversations and conscious relationships. 

To that end, I’ve been a news reporter, magazine editor, and personal essayist. I’ve written about marriage, parenting, mindful eating, rescuing endangered species, and am currently writing a book about conscious sexuality. 

In my earlier days, I was a bookstore clerk and bartender, an advocate for women prisoners and a counselor for “runaway girls” and “unwed mothers.” I taught life skills to developmentally disabled adults, and offered emotional support to mentally ill patients in a lock-up treatment facility.

A commitment to living authentically has guided me through the lifelong work of keeping my marriage and family and personal relationships healthy, honest, and loving.  I walk my talk as a writer, coach, wife, friend and mother—knowing the deep work is ours to do, but the benefits are for everyone.

I’m a girl from the East who became a woman of the West. Seattle has been my beloved home since 1986.