Empowered Feminine Coaching

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Imagine your highest potential meeting the reality of your daily life.

Why Feminine Empowerment Coaching?


Maybe you have a more essential self inside of you…

that doesn't seem to match the career and lifestyle you've created. You have always felt a deep well of creativity, caring, passion and purpose within you, and you are determined to share this full expression of you with the world.

Since I began working with Gail, things have skyrocketed for me. She’s been instrumental in my transformation. I don’t know how she does it. It honestly feels like magic sometimes. I am so grateful that I got to do this deep work and experience the results. I’ve never felt more in my purpose in my life.
— Katie McKenna
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You’re ready to transcend the cultural conditioning that’s devalued your innate feminine power

— your caring for the planet and humanity, your capacity to be relational and hold complexity, your boundless creativity that generates so many great ideas, your depth of appreciation for authentic beauty and soulful conversations, your desire to live and work in ways that heal and elevate the world.

Perhaps you are contemplating a career or relationship change…

and are feeling uncertain about what you want to do next, or maybe you know what you want, but you feel scared you won't succeed.

You might be seeing a disconnect between the enormous potential you feel inside of you and the life you are living, and this disconnect is causing you more and more suffering. You want to change this situation, you know you have to, and yet you keep bumping up against the same old habits and self-defeating patterns.

You may have tried other forms of therapy, and you found healing and insight, but now you want to go the next level of personal mastery and fulfillment.

You know want this major shift, but you need support and guidance.

Gail is a true midwife of the soul in a time when we as women are being called to be our most powerful, grounded in our beauty, wisdom and unbounded strength she helps us to both hear and answer our call.
— Lisa R.

My Coaching Style

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Gail is a ‘life coach’ in the very sense of those words. Her coaching style focuses on techniques to change the way you live your life. With Gail’s guidance, I am taking steps to shift my perspective and view things more positively and fluidly, which has resulted in beneficial changes. She has cleared much of the fog from my life.
— Rachel R.

I have been a self-employed, feminine empowerment writer and business entrepreneur for the past 25 years.

I am also a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federationthe industry leader for setting coaching standards. As a proud graduate of the Newfield Network, one of the oldest and most esteemed life coaching training programs in the world, I bring a strong somatic emphasis to my coaching.

Calling upon dynamic embodiment practices and cutting edge brain science…

my coaching style engages your mind, body, and emotions to support the changes you are seeking.

Change requires more than motivation and insight—it requires a new "way of being." I am your partner in learning and mastering a new "way of being" in the world so you can finally live in alignment with who you really are and what you truly desire.

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Gail is truly a light and she is masterful at encouraging your inner wisdom to flow!
— Mindi B.

Living in alignment with our essential selves and highest potential is a skill you can learn…

like learning how to play the piano or swing a tennis racket. And this requires commitment and practice.

I will guide you to co-create powerful, personalized “practices” that help you change the way you think, feel, and act in your daily life. This may feel uncomfortable and unfamiliar, but it will also feel like a relief to finally be living, loving and moving from deep authenticity and clarity. 

I promise you that life coaching isn't about changing who you essentially are. It's about living who you essentially are.

Ready to Get Started?



I offer a free, 20-minute phone consultation for women interested in exploring feminine empowerment coaching.

Contact me:

PHONE - 206-284-3218

EMAIL - gailhudson@comcast.net

FEES - $150 per one-hour session. $800 for 6-week series.

Gail guided my hands back to the steering wheel. She possesses a warm heart, a firm handle on effectively posing questions, and really great listening skills. Being challenged, feeling nurtured and getting un-stuck felt wonderful.
— Sharon
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