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Thank goodness, I found Gail Hudson. We have done three books together. She is not only outstanding as a collaborator, she is also a valued friend. Her integrity is unquestionable. If I ever need a coauthor again, it will be Gail whom I shall choose.
— Dr. Jane Goodall, UN Messenger of Peace

You want to write a memoir, a novel, or a dynamic nonfiction book.

I could always count on Gail’s delicate courage in challenging me to do my truest work. Whether I was visioning in her studio or engaging my writing with her during a phone meeting, her clarity and insight inspired a powerful synthesis of transcribing my vision into an authentic outcome.
— Lisa Reddick, author, THE SAME RIVER

You want to write a personal essay, a short story, or a blog.

You want to figure out how in the hell do I get published…

I can help.

Gail Hudson’s editorial touch was everything I needed and more. She brought skillful etching to my writing, leaving it in my voice but strengthening its accessibility for the reader. In addition, she brought deep intuition and savvy to the arc of my book. Saved from my own blindspots, I was also guided to the full fruition of my book’s mission. Gail is an editorial partner in the best sense of the word.
— Sue Brightman, Author, Manifesta of Active wisdom

My coaching draws upon over 20 years of professional publishing experience, with numerous books under my belt, including three bestsellers. I’ve also been a professional book developer and editor, a magazine editor, and feature writer. My personal essays have appeared in national magazines and literary anthologies. And I’ve taught creative writing at the college, high school and private class level.


Consider me the midwife for your authentic voice—

helping you meet the page in a way that feels true, exciting, and creatively fulfilling. I also teach the beauty of craft—how to tell a story, develop scenes, add muscle and vitality to your writing, and structure your material. Your “homework” and writing assignments are individually designed to keep the momentum and inspiration going while elevating your writing.

I offer penetrating conversations and writing exercises that clarify what you're really trying to say and help you figure out what material best supports your vision.  My supportive and highly experienced editing skills, give you immediate feedback and guidance on how to strengthen your writing and wrestle your project into shape.

If you struggle with discipline and productivity, I can help you develop a sustainable writing practice with built-in deadlines and accountability. And I offer my unique life coaching skills to help you overcome the common writing demons, such as procrastination, self-doubt, grandiosity, fear of being judged, and “What if I can’t get this published?”

Together, we will ignite your authentic voice, complete the writing project you desire, and take it all the way to publishing.

After struggling for years with a memoir, I was fortunate to find Gail Hudson. Within a couple of consultations, we developed an entirely new approach and improved my writing enormously.

I’ve moved forward with renewed confidence and enthusiasm, my goal firmly in sight and within reach.
— Lincoln Russell

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$150 per hour of one-on-one writing coaching.

Editing and manuscript development services prices are bid per project. Contact me for more information.